well played, key, well played… (key’s gift to taemin)

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140819 Key instagram update

bumkeyk: old school


Hey guys!! I hit 1k followers a couple days ago and omg i never thought i would see 4 digits in my follower count. I wanna thank you guys so much for letting me reblog pretty much your whole blog and we all should talk more [i know i should probably start the talking sometimes too but im just not that type of person ;A;] anyways I have no idea what to say but thank you for your awesome blogs and s/o to all of my followers idk why you guys follow me i dont edit anything and i just reblog i love you guys okay ;v;b - sorry if i missed anyone!! There are so many great blogs that i follow but these are the ones that have been appearing constantly on my dash. (sorry for crappy edit btw)

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